My First Football Game

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This was an exceptional experience for me, personally and to fulfill the requirement of my course in photojournalism. It is my first football game. If I had the opportunity to choose I would go to a soccer game, where I feel very comfortable. It was difficult for me to get a good spot because this was a NCAA game and I could not get official press pass to get closer to the game. I was only at one corner of the field and because there was not a lot of fan that day (because of the thanksgiving break), I was able to walk back and forth on along the end line. I mainly maintained my ISO high so I could increase my shutter speed. I went to the game very light: my camera (canon 80D); 2 lenses 18-135 for wide shots and 70-300 for tele-shots. It was a little difficult to shoot with one camera and two lenses. (more  stories...)

Though these pictures tell my story, I have to admit that it was a challenge since I did not know what to expert during the game. The story includes five photos.

See other pictures that could not make the story by constraint of project's requirements