Salmon Falls Pottery

pottery salmon falls

Justification of Picture Choice

Photo 1 is an excellent set up of the story because it is the only picture that I could use to make a visual connection between the history and the present. The Salmon Falls Stoneware was before, the Engine House of the Boston and Maine Rail Road.

Photo 2 is a unique symbol of the old engine house within Salmon Falls. Though the window is not used for anything in the factory, the owner is proud to keep it as it is, just for the history. Because the first photo does not say a lot about the story, photo 2 sets the stage of the story by presenting the old ticket window and current pottery.

Photo 3 is a portrait that humanizes the story by presenting a conversation between visitors. They are in a situation when they must make some decisions. By looking at the woman’s hand, we see that she is describing a size or shape and the man is quietly listening. In addition to the conversation between the visitors, also photo 3 presents assorted products of the factory.

Photo 4 is a close up. In addition, it offers the opportunity to see the process of painting the pottery. (I need pictures of other processes)

I think photo 5 summarized well the story. It is the first photo that introduces the name of the factory (Salmon Falls Stoneware) with the t-shirt that the cashiers wear. It presents an interaction between the customer and the employees and mostly joy and happiness. We can also see the business side of the factory. Alone, it can tell the story that this is a old pottery shop where people are happy to come.

I use photo 6 to close my story because I would like my viewers to live the story by remembering that Salmon Falls Stoneware is a special store. I would like them to remember that when thinking about pottery in New England, they should be thinking about Salmon Falls. It is was elected best of New England in Yankee Magazine.